All features at a glance

• Typical magnetic stirrer in a
  modern Design
• Plate with stainless steel
• Sturdy metal housing, (IP 42)
• high stirring power
• 2 years warranty

The magnetic stirrer of the RSM-line from PHOENIX INSTRUMENT offers the ideal products for the daily lab routine. The user can select between a digital and an analog version. As a matter of course both versions are available with a hotplate, either with stainless steel surface or porcelain enamel surface. The heating function can be exactly controlled by the internal control function, when the optional temperature sensor PT-1000 is connected.
The comprehensive list of accessories includes everything you require from a stand bar over a temperature sensor and protection covers up to various top frames for reactor vessels.


max. stirring quantity
Stirrer bar max.
Stirring positions
Material plate
Speed control
Protection class

200-240 V
30 W
20 l H2O
80 mm
135 mm ø
Stainless steel
280 x160x 85 mm
IP 42
2,8 kg

Downloads (PDF)

Catalog Stirrer, Mixer and Shaker

Accessories RSM

RSM-E 200
Stirrer bar,
10 x 6 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 205
Stirrer bar,
15 x 8 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 210
Stirrer bar,
20 x 8 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 215
Stirrer bar,
25 x 8 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 220
Stirrer bar,
30 x 8 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 225
Stirrer bar,
40 x 8 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 230
Stirrer bar,
50 x 8 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 235
Stirrer bar,
65 x 8 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 240
Stirrer bar,
80 x 13 mm, 1 pc
RSM-E 310
Stirrer bar remover
RSM-E 340
Protection cover for RSM-01 und RSM-02 without heating